Schaerer Coffee Barista

Telli toode 1954

Barista 1Creating a new generation of coffee technology. The Schaerer Barista is a machine built for performance, with two in built Ditting grinders! It grinds, doses and tamps the perfect amount of coffee each time to increase consistency. Its automatic and manual milk frothing systems allow for barista perfect milk every time and stands above the rest. If you’re looking for consistency and high end performance then this is the machine for you.

Barista Features

Barista 22 integrated Ditting grinders and invisible hoppers with 550 g volume each
1 Single and 2 double porta filters
Hot water outlet can be set at 2 different temperatures
Automatic milk frothing and heating on Left side, manual on Right side
SteamIT system designed for warming up coffee cups
Built in platforms for Espresso cups up to 20oz cups
Foot extension for standard feet
The design gives the Schaerer Barista the feel of a classic portafilter machine.
Consistent espresso quality thanks to automated
processes (coffee quantity, grinding, tamping and frothing of milk).
Integrated grinders grind the coffee directly
into the portafilter that eliminates wastage of coffee.
Quick and easy preparation, that allows machine to be used by untrained staff.
Easy cleaning – step by step cleaning program that guides the proccess

Performance per day 300 cups
Dimensions (H/D/W) 592 / 548 / 755 mm
Weight 75 kg
Power 1- or 3-phase, 4 – 6 kW

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